Himalayan Monal #1, 9 in. x 12 in., Colored Pencil 





The shimmering iridescence of color and light draw me into their world. As I explore the tones, textures, and patterns of my subject, my mind deconstructs the values and layers of color. I work to build my color transitions through many layers of colored pencil. Color is one of the primary themes of my work. I love to explore the connections between color and emotion.  I choose my subjects based on the feelings that the color invokes.  Some elements are realistic while others take on an ethereal quality. All the birds in my collection exist though colors are sometimes changed or taken to an idealistic level. I strive to provide a portrait of my subject at its best in full colored glory.


Birds have been regarded in folklore as a messenger or angel from God.  They symbolize freedom and a connection to one’s higher self.  When I create a bird, I naturally connect to the part of my soul that is pure love and intuition.  They bring me messages of help and comfort as I work.  Drawing puts me in a natural state of flow.  My work becomes my meditation.  They are truly the connection between myself and my higher power.  My life struggles are worked out as I put the pencil to the paper.


The purpose of this work is to elicit feelings of beauty and awe in the viewer.  I want my audience to see the result of the connection between myself and my higher power.  The birds are my message of peace and joy to others.